Our Company

We advance businesses and communities.

Lima Water Corporation provides end to end water and wastewater services for Lima Technology Center, one of the country’s largest industrial parks and home to some of the biggest multinational manufacturers in the world. Our services contribute to the health and well-being of the 50,000 employees and visitors that come to the estate on a daily basis. 

We provide sustainable solutions.

LWC utilizes its own deep well sources and reservoirs for 24-hour water availability. Even as we strive to meet the current water requirement of our customers, we promote the wise use of water to ensure the sustainability of a limited resource.

We offer standards-compliant, end-to-end services.

Our company has the necessary standards and processes in place in order to ensure that every drop of water we deliver to our customers’ taps is compliant with the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW). Meanwhile, we rigorously test our treated wastewater effluent to ensure full compliance with national environmental regulations.

Lima Water Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aboitiz InfraCapital, the infrastructure arm of the Aboitiz Group. It provides end-to-end water and wastewater services for Lima Technology Center in Malvar, Batangas. LWC is focused on three key areas: compliance, sustainable growth, and service reliability. The Company aims to ensure the long-term availability of water and minimize service interruptions, while meeting strict environmental standards and promoting safety for all workers and locators.


LWC currently has a daily water production capacity of over 10,500 cubic meters per day and wastewater treatment capacity of 26,000 cubic meters per day, allowing LWC to fully cover the water and wastewater requirements of more than 50,000 workers and visitors at the park.


In light of the industrial park’s continuing expansion, LWC has put in place plans to ensure service availability and reliability over the long-term, such as the installation of new deepwells and reservoirs as well as the rehabilitation of water networks and meters. LWC also plans to upgrade its sewage treatment plant to expand capacity and comply our locators’ growing needs.



Our Services

LWC provides end-to-end water and sewerage services, from supply and distribution to wastewater treatment.

Water Distribution

LWC provides 24/7 potable water supply services within the 700 hectares of Lima Technology Center. The Company has put in  place the necessary measures to ensure full compliance with the 2017 Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water.

Wastewater Treatment

LWC adheres to strict wastewater effluent standards set by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Lake-Basin Authority in the Philippines in order to reduce the environmental impact of water usage to our rivers. Wastewater from locators undergo three treatment stages at our centralized Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) facility in order to ensure that effluent water is safe to be discharged into the creek.

Our Team

Meet the hardworking people behind Lima Water Corporation.

Cosette V. Canilao

President and CEO
Aboitiz InfraCapital, Inc.

Hazele Manalo

Assistant Vice President - General Manager

Angelo Malundas

Maintenance Supervisor

Maria Clarissa Isla

QHES Supervisor

Jennifer Mejico

Accounting and Finance Officer

Marlon Caling

Operations Supervisor

A Look at LWC Operations

Get a sneak peek of our facilities in Batangas and team activities.